Sunday, September 01, 2013


I am waiting for the babies to get tired enough from shouting at me to nurse them that they go to sleep. I actually feel okay, which is why I am being stubborn. Most four are full of me giving in to their terrorist-like demands, but not so far tonight. This morning. Whenever.

I think it could be a long wait- I anticipate being up until at least five. I'm trying to decide whether I should: organize the fridge, clean the kitchen, or finish the last half hour of Tinker, Tailor.

Here's a nice trailer:  I'm looking forward to seeing it and the Joss Whedon version. Much Ado done by The Doctor and Companion versus Much Ado done by the casts of Angel and Firefly. Fun.

I do wish they'd go back to sleep. They have been Betrayed by Mommy, who is supposed to nurse them at four and six a.m. without fail. Maybe I'll go do a post-Costco fridge organize. I think if I find out who the mole is in the movie I'll be too wound up to go back to sleep when they finally give in.

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