Friday, September 13, 2013

Seven Quick Takes: Playdough

1. I should probably mix up a new batch. We're out of mud weather and into playdough, inside, mess-making weather. When we were at the drop in this morning Nat held up a lump of it, asked me what it was, and announced, "It's a gall bladder!".

He might be a little too old for the drop in.

2. We have an exhausting rest of the day planned, by which I mean I will do chores and the kids will do their video time and the girls will sleep. I will not sleep, even though I'm crazily tired. I will re-read the email from Nat's nurse about coping with blood sugar spikes and cursing whenever suggests getting him more carbohydrate-free snacks, like vegetables. I invite anyone making that suggestion to sit down with Nat and discuss vegetables with him. He does not eat them, and feeding him all cheese and meat and nuts is expensive and provokes much whining. I feel like maybe checking him in to the hospital to do food re-training might be a good idea. And while he's gone padlocking all the food he likes to eat.

3. Reading is going well, which means a page a day, but it's something. This week has been a coping week, with a fair amount of video time, but we have actually worked on the reading a lot.

4. I think we will have the thrilling dinner A Choice of Leftovers or Frozen Pizza tonight. This week's meal planning went really well because of all the pre-made stuff I found in the freezer when I cleaned it out. Maybe next week I can do some bulk cooking and keep it up?

5. I wish I were thinking deep thoughts right now but everything is taken up with worry about Nat's blood sugar and Thomas's general clingy cuddly weirdness (which I attribute to being three and a half).

6. I've been working my way very gradually through Lark Rise to Candleford, and it's fascinating. It's much closer to a series of memoirs than a real novel trilogy. There's not much forward action, but the description of English country living.

7. That reminds me that Alicia introduced me to this BBC show, about modern people eating like the (fill in the blank) time period. This one's the Restoration. I need to watch all of them. They're hilarious. I particularly like when the woman begs to be allowed to drink water after three days of only beer and claret:


Tristian said...

I love that show, they had it on pbs for awhile. I need to see if they ever made anymore of them, or if they pulled a bbc and only made 12 episodes or something.

Melanie Bettinelli said...

Gall bladder. I love it. I confess I'm afraid of play dough. We don't do it. And that's partly because the few times I have brought out play dough or modeling clay or whatever all the kids do is roll little balls and snakes and then break it into teeny tiny pieces and get it all over everything. If they were more creative and interesting with it, I might tolerate the mess more.

Dom got a gift card for the favorite local restaurant that's right across the street from church-- some kickback for a favor he did someone at work, I think. So I declared I wasn't cooking dinner and we went out to eat. I ordered the calamari and probably would have been happier with the fish and chips. Oh well. I didn't have to cook or clean up. And the kids thought it was the best treat ever.

Every time you post about it, I mean to look at getting a copy of Lark Rise. And then forget. I've also got the BBC show queued up on a tab in my browser that has been open for almost 8 months-- I started watching when I was recovering from Lucia's birth-- though I probably haven't watched an episode in five or six months.

That show on eating sounds fascinating. What's it called?

lissla lissar said...

Supersizers. It's informative and extremely funny. I had it on for a bit last night and Geoff was intending to do other things and kept walking past and getting hooked. The two people doing the eating have a lot of courage and great comic timing. They do a whole bunch of different time periods, and I've only watched part of the Restoration episode.

I am leery of the twins and play dough, which is why we haven't had any at home for months. But my kids love sensory play (read: mess) and it's getting too cold to go out and play with mud, so I'm going to have to expand the options.

One of the hardest things about having the kids home all day is the amazing amount of mess they make. I know, get them to help clean up, yes, but only one of my kids is old enough to be a reasonable help without constant nagging.

You know, we have only ever taken all our kids out to eat at McDonald's. I think the girls would be semi-okay, and maybe Nat, at a proper restaurant, but we'd find Thomas in the deep fryer or the walk-in freezer...