Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday in pajamas

Thomas is throwing up and the girls did not get an A+ in sleeping last night, so today is full of TV and me walking into things and muttering. I'm baking bread as my contribution to family life. I'm also out of flour now.

When I came back into our bedroom sometime around three Geoff was sleeping with one arm extended in the air as if he was flying. I asked him what on earth he was doing and we had a weird conversation. He was unaware of his attempts at flight.

I would like twelve hours sleep and healthy but quiet children. I think lunch is going to be bread without butter, possibly with peanut butter, and leftover chicken curry for me. Everyone else thought it was too spicy. Maybe Nat and Geoff can have nachos or something. I am really tired.

Here's a cute video of the girls puttering.  Ihope it's the right way round put if not then tilt your head:

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