Monday, September 02, 2013

We are going to get things done!

Even though i misplaced my brain and motivation around here somewhere. Geoff's about a third of the way through building the shelves, and I'm making a few freezer meals while stumbling around trying to remember to do laundry. The girls, as a result of being appalled at being re-re-re-night weaned, got up about five thirty. So today hasn't been full of enthusiasm and has had a lot of shouting, which I think is bad parenting shorthand. As in, " I could spend fifteen minutes gently reasoning you through the process of putting on pants, the desirability of pants, and the fact of going out to the park, or I could yell at you until you do."

Cynthia is here, and while Geoff builds shelves we are frantically moving furniture and reorganizing the boys' room so that it includes their toys. Not clogging the living room anymore. I'd like to encourage them to play upstairs and to make space downstairs, and I'd rather organize than scrub the floor, even though the floor really needs it.

Still, today- one third of the way through shelves, took the kids to the park, made a huge batch of spaghetti sauce, rearranged all the toys and the boys' room, organized the baby board books (to some degree), and we didn't throw any children out the window, even when they were being fantastically annoying. Plus I figured out that a good way to correct the over-tomatoey-ness I sometimes get with spaghetti sauce is a teaspoon of miso. Savoury umami goodness.

And now I'm looking at my kitchen, which is kind of destroyed, and wondering why I didn't bake a layer cake, because I would like a nice slice of cake. Surely I could have fit it in somewhere?...

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