Monday, September 09, 2013

We had a great time

The only real hitch in traveling with the boys was that the bus was forty minutes late, and since I wanted to arrive in plenty of time so I could get us seats together... we were standing in the waiting line (which is like a big covered road where the buses drive, with occasional signposts indicating where bus travelers ought to stand) for an hour. The kids were remarkably patient, considering, although I had to keep Thomas from committing suicide by running after pigeons, and prevent him from lying down dramatically on the very dirty ground. By the time the bus arrived I was pretty much out of happy-patient-mother, but when we got on everything was okay. Thomas fell asleep on my lap, and Nat was very interested in the scenery passing.

We got to Cambridge, Richard picked us up, and the kids had a great time. Theresa and Nat played splendidly, Anna followed them around, and Thomas explored while getting in preemptive self-defense on their large dog. We had to stop him a lot. We had delicious Indian food and everything was great.

And I bought a little chocolate. I think my clothes are now tighter.

In other news, while Geoff was off work he transformed our basement.



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