Wednesday, September 11, 2013

We made it

This is going to be pretty random, because I am so tired that going to bed by eight-thirty seems quite reasonable. I took the girls and Nat to his clinic on the subway at rush hour and survived. The girls practised their brisk run-away-from-Mommy skills and we did blood draws and Nat had a screaming fit in line for doughnuts afterwords, and I survived and so did they. We're discussing putting Nat on Lantus instead of Humulin N, which would mean more injections a day but possible better blood sugar control. I just need to be in good enough shape to manage a whole different kind of medication.

My serious and most pressing question for his nurse was "How do you keep them out of the cookies?". It encompasses how do you carb track a kid who's old enough to find and eat anything he wants while you're chasing three other kids? A hard thing to manage.

Aside from that our educational things today consisted of reading one page of this:
We're working on one or two pages a day, mostly getting Nat to read aloud instead of do the other exercises. He can read some, especially simple words, he just needs practice so he can start to realise the magic of reading for himself.

We also read some about poison dart frogs, which lead into me explaining blowguns, which lead into finding a video of South American men hunting monkeys. Pretty cool, as long as I don't find Nat manufacturing poisoned darts in the basement.

At the clinic he told the nurse doing blood draws that he was a Mr. Maker Inventor junior Scientist, and that he can build anything. I'm starting to wonder about Meccano and electronics for him.

I answered my facebook question: you can make bread and brownie pudding with four eggs if you also use cream and a package of vanilla instant pudding as a binder. It was damn good.

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