Thursday, October 03, 2013

Early morning

The girls woke up at about five, and I spent an hour nursing and rocking and trying to get them back to sleep, but it didn't work, and we came down at six. It was an interrupted night and I got to bed late (late for me, after ten), so I'm tired but not burnt today. I think we'll stay home except for a milk run to the grocery store, and play in the yard, read, and watch movies. I should purge the girls' clothes and clean the fridge. Slowly, and with lots of tea breaks.

The children are all playing peacefully at this moment (Nat and Thomas with Duplo, Miriam's wheeling the doll stroller, and Elizabeth is reading a board book... nope, switched to playing with the toy farm. I still think it's sweet and funny the way the girls play with toys instead of hurling them or smashing them), and I'm thinking I should be commended for making a real breakfast this morning (cornbread and maple syrup).

Since I started writing the above paragraph Miriam has dissolved into tears and Thomas wants up because Nat hit him for breaking his Duplo TARDIS. I've sent them onto the deck to look for squirrels.

Time for more tea and possibly getting dressed. Possibly.

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