Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Geoff threw up

But the girls slept through the night! And, unfortunately have decided to get up at five. I remember this. Thomas did this. I bet it was at exactly the same age- just before two. And I was a million months pregnant with the twins, and he'd want to take every single blanket and stuffed animal out of his crib and downstairs with him to snuggle on the couch.

I should count my blessings- the girls just want each other and the Babies documentary.

We made an unplanned trip to Costco yesterday because we were both sick and home and Trixie was here in the afternoon. Items I wasn't expecting to purchase- giant bag of M&M's (my decision) pajamas (Geoff), Shop Vac(Geoff). Somewhat pricier than I was expecting but I'm sure it will all be useful. Perhaps I will have peanut M&M's for breakfast.

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Rosie said...

Oh dear, I hope you all feel better! Sleeping through the night is so wonderful but that 5 AM wakeup really does make it a little rough once the waking comes... John Paul and Cecilia both did the same thing, and the twins still aren't sleeping through the night consistently but I'm sure we'll hit the 5 AM wakeup once they do...