Wednesday, October 02, 2013

I need help

I think our new dishwasher requires emotional support and coddling. I tried to turn it on five times last night, and it would turn on, putter in beginning wash mode, and then shut off. I think I need to sit beside it telling it that I love it, and maybe doing aromatherapy and cups of tea. Maybe then it will feel better about itself.

I put myself to bed before nine last night, and because of that I have felt up to taking the kids to visit Judith, coming home, and doing a lot of housework. The downstairs is quite clean, which is saying something, because last night everything was wrecked. Also this morning Nat had very high blood sugar and was screaming at everything ('This oatmeal is wrong! You stirred it the wrong way!') so I am amazed that I have the emotional energy to do anything. Maybe I should go to bed before nine most nights?

Yesterday Nat and I did quite a lot of reading, and he heard the story of Romulus and Remus, so I figure that that plus watching the new Hobbit trailer constitutes some kind of educational experience. Sigh. Nat's reading is getting pretty good, although he doesn't show a lot of initiative in reading on his own. He can read sentences like, "Can that ant fit on the mat?" slowly but with comprehension.

Yesterday I heard Thomas reading Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? to himself, reciting it with help from the pictures. It was quite wonderful.

Okay, i've scrubbed the floor and tidied and cleaned the kitchen and run a load of laundry. I have pasta sauce thawing. Now I need to work up enthusiasm for putting laundry away. This is hard, because putting laundry away is always accompanied by the girls taking all the laundry back out again. They have removed all their clothes from the separate drawers and stuffed them all in one drawer. I was swearing softly under my breath as I was trying to dress them this morning. I can't think of a solution except to wait for them to outgrown this phase.


Sally Thomas said...

Does your dishwasher have a computerized control panel, ie little flat buttons that light up and beep and stuff? Could be that you have a short in your motherboard, which -- if your dishwasher is new, that should be covered by warranty. You might try it on a different kind of cycle, ie, if you usually wash on regular, try heavy-duty or a short cycle or something and see if it makes a difference.

Ask me why I would think to suggest these things . . .

lissla lissar said...

Hah! I think I hadn't pushed the door in hard enough- I though it had locked, but you have to push really hard. Geoff got it to work. It's not new, really, it's our landlord's last-year model, but compared to our old dial and switches dishwasher it looks Star Trek-y.
I'm pretty much the queen of not getting things to work. Instruction manuals make me nervous. I never feel like they're written in Enlgish.

Yawn. Poor congested babies, but I would really have preferred to sleep past five. And to watch something other than the Babies documentary- how bout we watch Firefly? No?...