Thursday, October 17, 2013

Seven Quick Takes: Nefarious agreement, and general notes

1. The children have some sort of evil agreement that if the girls sleep through till three or four, the boys will have multiple problems. So, yawn, the girls were pretty good last night, but Nat got Geoff up three times, and me two or three. Maybe four. Don't remember. All cloudy. Nat kept crying and saying he was sad, and we responded with gradually lessening patience.

2. Yesterday afternoon Nat was sitting upside down in a chair (he's doing that a lot), and righted himself, glared at me, and said sternly and with passion, "We should steal from the rich."

He got up and wandered off, came back, didn't continue. So after a bit I found him and said, "We should steal from the rich?.... To give to the poor?"

"Yes! Because the rich stole all their money!"

Brief temporizing from me about how not all of the rich stole their money. Not sure it got through.

3. Today is grey and threatening to rain. Thomas still seems a bit sick, although right now he's drinking strawberry smoothie with gusto, so maybe he's on the road to recovery? We need milk and cereal and that means dragging everyone out to the store. The routine for the store is this:
Find children
Try to make them get dressed
Watch Nat constructing an elaborate model out of lego just after I told him to get dressed
Try to find everyone's shoes
Feel guilty for shouting
Put the girls coats on while shouting at the boys to just PUT THEIR SHOES ON!
Thomas collapses in tears because it's too hard and his shoes are too hot
Grind teeth.
Strap toddler on back while putting other toddler in stroller
Kneel down to help Thomas with shoes
Start closing the door to encourage Nat to PUT HIS SHOES ON!!!
Hear him frantically getting ready when it looks like I'll leave him (I am evil. This is the only non-stalling way I've found to get him to hurry)
Get everyone out the door and lock it

4. My parents have loaned us their car. Mom is not going to drive until after she's been assessed, and Dad just passed his written test on the second try. He's only allowed to drive with a competent driver in the front seat. We feel guilty about the ease and convenience of having car access, but it's safer for us to have it and Geoff be able to drive them.

5. Today I'm tired and kind of flat. Not good outside weather, sick children. I'll probably spend today cleaning, reading books aloud, and wishing death on the ants that have invaded the kitchen. We also have a mouse. I've never had mice before. I suppose I could lock up all the dry goods but there's a LOT of dry goods. If it gets into my chocolate I will find it and skin it! Maybe I could make playdough? Or get some pasta and do a pasta bin? I need to remember all the child-distracting inside play we did last winter.

6. Mum's got an appointment in a couple of weeks and I'm going with her. Can't take kids. Am starting to worry about who I'm going to find to wrangle all the children when I'm gone. Worst case Geoff can take another day off, but I'd really like to avoid that except for emergencies. Trying to work this out.

7. Still considering nudism as a way to solve The Laundry Problem and Cooking Strike to solve Children Whining About All Cooking. May be chilly and underfed quite soon.

Bonus #8. (Because it's 3 a.m. and Miriam is having a fit about not being snuggled back to sleep): Geoff and I have watched a number of Benedicat Cumberbatch interviews in the last week because I am impatiently waiting for Sherlock season three and because, well, YouTube, and I must say how much we really like how the guy comes off in interviews. He seems very bright, he rambles, but intelligently, and he at least appears to think seriously about questions. Plus he thinks that it's hilarious that he's been nominated Most Attractive man by some magazine or other, and says that it's very flattering, but that it's not actually about him, because he's weird-looking- it's about the roles that he plays. That's so refreshingly grounded. Anyway, she's stopped crying, but I think I should stay down here for at least ten more minutes, so here's a picture:
Currently yelling her head off, but so cute


Kathleen Basi said...

"gradually lessening patience"--love that! LOL

#3? I would laugh if it didn't make me want to cry. When were you in my house taking notes????


lissla lissar said...

Thank! It's sadly true. It feels awful to get mad at someone for being sad, but when you've been got up five times in two hours for unexplained crying it wears on you.

I think getting out the door might actually be more complicated than that. I so much look forward to the time when at least two of them can get dressed and ready ON THEIR OWN.