Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Still here

I'm just in a fog of sleep deprivation from re-re-re sleep training the girls, boys' illnesses, and general life stress. I'm listening to the girls taking all the books down and piling them in stacks. Still their favourite game. I read to Nat about how an inclined plane and wedge works, so I think I've been educational. He's at the brand new aquarium downtown that's opening today, and he plans to shout at the sharks and scare them. I hope the sharks are braced for it.

Thomas, who is sick and whiny, is lying comatose on the couch watch tv while I eat lunch and prepare to either clean or collapse on the couch in Food Coma from too many Indian leftovers. I love curry with a deep and abiding passion.

Thomas has fallen asleep. Do I clean, or do I nap? Decisions...

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