Thursday, October 03, 2013

Things accomplished today:

Made dinner:

Note the Strongbow cans behind it, waiting for bed time.

Made fruit leather: 
Sour cherry. It tastes like the idealized Platonic fruit roll-up. I will do this again.

Didn't kill the kids (yet) even Thomas the found-the-mint-oil-I-think-I-look-good-tied-in-this-vacuum-cord man. Of course, it's only 2:30, and it's a long time till I put them in bed. Still, this:
makes a lot of it better, even if she now smells like toothpaste. Oh, I've also read a lot about Thor today, and in a few minutes I'll go cruelly force Nat to do his five minutes of reading aloud. Right after they finish watching the highly educational Monsters University.

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