Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Things accomplished

Last night I slept. Today I got up at five thirty with Elizabeth, and even though it's only noon, today I have:

Repaired and cleaned out my purse (several ripped seams)
Mended two pairs of tights
Baked four loaves of bread
Loaded and unloaded the dishwasher twice
Read Nat three fairy tales
Put away two loads of laundry
Tidied, although you can't actually tell, because the kids have undone it
Done a minuscule amount of meal planning

What I would like to do:
Go out and do therapy shopping. Not going to happen
Tidy the kitchen
Do Nat's reading with him
Bake coffee cake
Finish the meal planning
Take the kids out somewhere
Make dinner and then throw everyone into bed

In more important news, Miriam has learned to say juice. This is added to her current vocabulary of  baby, puppy, no, daddy, oh, mama, dat?, nana Elizabeth is still chatty but mostly non-verbal.

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