Monday, November 25, 2013


I am really tired of being sick. Either the cold I had has mutated or I caught another cold. On Saturday. So we didn't go to Mass and I am still feeling extremely horrible and may call Medvisit today, although I think they'll probably shrug and say, "Rest, fluids, aspirin.". It's been three weeks of sore, congested, cranky, body aching, hacking cough misery.

On the extreme bright side, yesterday we hosted our friend Meredith and her kids,

And my inlaws gave us tickets to a play version of The Chosen, and came in to babysit. It was excellent, in spite of sleep deprivation and illness. That's three  weekends in a row Geoff and I have gone out and done something on our own.

We made the scientific discovery that seven kids here is a lot of kids. We're going to re-test for accuracy tomorrow when they come back
I think they were telling knock knock jokes

Educational Backyardigans

Today we might make it as far as the grocery store for fruit and then come home and I'll collapse and let the children run laps around me while I lie on the floor.

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