Friday, November 29, 2013

Seven Quick Takes: Getting better

1. Yesterday I was brilliantly productive and hardworking. I did five loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen twice. organized and sorted books, fed the minions, ran three errands while pushing or carrying three children. Through the snow. Today I feel like remembering I am still recovering from bronchitis. Less housework. More sitting.

2. It is so awesome to know that Nat has really learned to read. He's still not enthusiastic, but he's spending more and more time flipping through books and sounding parts out. Progress. I need to get some kind of math book so we can start doing a page a day, although I'm not really worried about his ability. I'd just like him to practice.

3. Ditto printing. I think we have a workbook but the girls tidied it away somewhere. I might find it eventually. I hope.

4. Today is Day Three of Miriam waking up with her eyes glued shut with mucous. I'm pretty sure it's not an eye infection because she's basically a little snot-factory right now. Constantly running nose, eyes all gross. Also it's not bothering her- no redness or inflammation. She deeply resents me cleaning her face several times a day. I am Unpopular With Babies when I clean them off. She even stops saying, "Up, Mama!" for a few minutes, just to show me how mean I am. Elizabeth is in buoyant health except for a slight runny nose. Elizabeth is generally buoyant. Unless she's melodramatically despairing. It's her personality.

5. I live in hope that some day I will have the girls' clothes organized. Right now they empty all of them out of their dresser twice a day, and either dump them in a crib or run them back and forth to the boys' room. I have given up sorting them. They notice and start 'helping'. I just try to piece together outfits from disparate bits and pieces and hope they're warm enough.

6. I am so proud of us for hosting three extra children. And Meredith, who is lovely. We had a great conversation about the evils of usury, and whether lending at interest could be moral, over glasses of wine. And stayed up way later than we usually do. Hey, friends you only see every two years- you ought to stay up late. And have ten people sleeping in your not-big house. I particularly liked Meredith's comment that having little boys was like living with raccoons. Very accurate. Small, fast, devious, curious.

7. I just finished Allow of Law, by Brandon Sanderson. It was a little lazily written, but it was a fun popcorn read- light, full of gunfights, and dialogue a la Firefly. Lighter than Lord of Emperors, which I think was my last novel. Wait, no- last novel was The Last Light of the Sun, still Guy Gavriel Kay, and about Vikings and the Dark Ages. Anyway, all good books. Kay's better than Sanderson, more research, more fully realised characters, but Sanderson really pushes a story along and spins a good tale.

It is now all of eight-thirty, and I think I will take myself and my recovering bronchitis to bed really soon.

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