Friday, November 01, 2013

Seven Quick Takes: Martyr Edition

1. The girls and boys started waking me up at about 4:20. All of them but Elizabeth went back to sleep. We've been down here since five, and I've made a double batch of bread dough, sorted a load of laundry, and eaten a stale doughnut. I think that by ten or so, if the children are all still alive, I will deserve a medal.

2. It is pretty reasonable to me that I just typed '3' instead of '2', because, yo, four night wakeups plus getting up before five. Not much brain.

Blurry zombie and cat. With lego and Buzz
I did actually make Thomas a tail but he refused to wear it. And the paint rubbed off his nose. We had a good, if soggy, Halloween, and the girls enjoyed being confused pumpkins and handing out candy. Everyone stayed up late eating candy, and Nat woke up sad in the night because it was all over.

4. I am feeling one of my frequent attacks of I Don't Want To Plan and Cook Anymore. I think there might be a lot of pasta in our future. I have a large brisket in the freezer, but  I don't feel inspired. I think i am looking for a cheap, no-preparation, relatively healthy snack for the children which I can dole out when I am tired of feeding them goldfish crackers and cheese and bananas. I think what I really, really want is People Kibble, or at least Kid Kibble. Making umpteen snacks a day is really boring, and putting effort into them and watching them be ground into the floor is depressing. I could try starving them between meals but I think Nat's endocrinologist wouldn't be impressed that I'd given up proper care due to ennui.

5. Tomorrow, unless there's another attack of illness, I'm taking the boys off to Cambridge overnight to visit Alicia and Richard. This is in no way an excuse to visit the Lindt outlet again, because I am all mature and don't need chocolate. Besides, I still have about eight pounds left from the last trip.

6. My parents' car is living at our place because neither of them are allowed to drive, although Dad has his road test on Wednesday. It is strange having a car. We're so used to planning small loads and long travel times, and instead of "I think I should pick up a dozen eggs" it's "I can stop and get eight bottles of wine on the way home!" Delightful, guilt-inducing, and strange.

7. The last few weeks have been brain-dead for reading. Lots of blogs, Facebook, and re-reading James Herriot books. I haven't read them since I was ten or so. I am amazed how much they're coming back to me. I still haven't decided on the next read-aloud for Nat. I've decided The Phantom Tollbooth's too old. We could go back to Farmer Boy, or I could just do a whole wack of fairy tales and not embark on another novel.

Bonus attacking Thomas-Kitty!

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