Friday, November 15, 2013

Seven Quick Takes: Still Sick Edition

1. I am still sick. It's been nearly two weeks and I am feverish and coughing and miserable. I had a brief day-long spell where I was better, so I suppose it could be a new and exciting sickness. Nat started screaming about his ear this afternoon, so we got a doctor's house call (a Toronto service called MedVisit) and he has double ear infections and is now on penicillin, which should knock it out.

2. If Nat is better tomorrow Geoff and I will have our second Saturday Off. Last week my aunt and a friend of hers took care of the kids between noon and after dinner, and Geoff and I did some shopping and wandered around the Royal Ontario Museum (the parts without Natural History!), and then went out for dinner. The parts of the museum unconnected to animals gave me a profound feeling of ignorance about history. I don't know the different ages of Greek culture! I don't know the significance of black figure and red figure pottery! I didn't know that the city of Petra was the centre of an ancient Arabian civilization! I didn't know that Carthage and Tyre were part of Phoenicia!  Geoff sarcastically lambasted me for my ignorance. So much I need to learn.

3.I got added to one of Mum's bank accounts. I need to understand I will be practising dealing with paranoia. Mum probably has Alzheimer's. Paranoia is part of it. I am trying to get everything set up so that I can help them when needed and set up care for them, and it's hard and hugely frustrating that what they want is to be left alone and not rush into things like getting me ready to take over their finances. We don't know how long they can remain independent and in their home, and I have to carefully and gently talk them into every step, and because Mum doesn't remember and has mood swings I have to do it several times. It's really hard, especially since Mum is waffling about whether there's something wrong with her or if everyone is just trying to make her believe there's something wrong. Knowing the next stages (wandering, inability to dress or bathe, hostility, irrationality, spatial problems) is terrifying.

4.  If we go out tomorrow I want to eat here.  I want their delicious hamburgers.

5. If we get to Confession and Mass tomorrow I will probably be confessing thoughts of kidnapping or tying up my aunt. Or stealing her plane ticket. She leaves on Monday and my house will stop being self-cleaning and my kids will no longer have an extra and more efficient adult child-distractor around. This will be a rough adjustment.

Blurry Elizabeth contemplating monkey

Thomas is cute

7. The food has been great around here. I have a creative sous chef who is also an enthusiastic eater and great cook, who is also doing all the cleanup. I am going to die of sorrow at having to clean my own kitchen after everyone rejects dinner. Again. Which reminds me! Things Nat doesn't like anymore: rice, pasta, butter, tomato sauce. I think I will just feed him crackers or mush until he crumbles.


Melanie Bettinelli said...

I hope you feel better soon. That sounds horrible. Though at least you've had your aunt there to help.

lissla lissar said...

It has been awful being sick and blissful having someone else to do the work. One of the things I find hardest about being a mother to lots of little ones is how, even if I feel terribly ill, I can't rest, even at night. This time I could, and it was strange and wonderful.