Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Somewhere around here

I've been here and alive, just very sick (gradually getting over laryngitis and what feels like bronchitis) and not full of energy for anything but survival and reading. So I read Lord of Emperors in basically one day while pausing for coughing spasms. It's only six hundred and something pages. And also a novel about Alzheimer's called Still Alice, which was enlightening about the disease even though the characters and setting were pretty pretentious (oh yes, author! Describe how they teach at Harvard again! And their luxe surroundings!). It did make me feel better about our situation because while the main character's family and community practically abandons her at first, ours has drawn around my Mum to help and support.

The girls slept for a while on the way home from the library and have refused to nap all afternoon. Elizabeth is getting very good at climbing out of her crib, and I am predictably cranky about it. On the bright side they have been sleeping more or less through the night.On the down side I have been too sick to enjoy it. Hoping for better in the next few days.

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