Friday, November 08, 2013

Sorry for the blog silence

It's been busy. My aunt is here, organizing, cleaning, and generally being a dynamo of energy while I sit around with a bad cold feeling stressed and having emotional conversations with my parents. Well, mostly my mother. We still need a CT scan for a clear diagnosis of Alzheimer's, but since the psychiatrist thinks the symptoms are all normal early Alzheimer's, that's what we're assuming it is.

While we've been talking and planning Nat and Thomas have gone crazy with whiteboard markers, redecorated with dental floss, and have generally been difficult, fun, annoying, wonderful pains. We've read a lot of books aloud. By 'we' I mean 'my aunt', because I'm losing my voice. The rest of the week's goal is to pay more deliberate attention to the boys and try to get them more outside time. It's been a week boringly filled with adult conversation and a tense and cranky mother, from their perspective.

Phyllis says our children are relatively quiet and don't scream a lot. And every story Lynn (my aunt) tells me a bout dealing with her three boys makes our children's hijinks seem milder.

It's five-thirty, Elizabeth got up before five, and has come to me twice to have the magnetic letters she's been shoving down into her sleeper removed. I just told her that if one puts big magnetic letters down one's sleeper, one HAS magnetic letters in one's sleeper. She giggled and nodded.

I should go start some bread and maybe sweep, since I'm up.

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