Tuesday, November 05, 2013

We have a tentative diagnosis

The geriatric psychiatrist was really good, gentle, and firm, all at once. I'm not sure that sentence makes sense, but I'm still processing. He believes that the symptom's are consistent with Alzheimer's, and Mum has a medication to try which could increase her retention and ability to follow trains of thought, and could slow the progress of the disease. We have another appointment in a month.

My aunt flies in today for two weeks. I have a long list of things to do while she's here, including setting up internet banking and bill-paying for my parents so that Geoff and I can handle everything from our computer.

I can't begin to imagine how this feels from the inside, knowing there's something wrong but not able to comprehend what it is, looking, in an illogical and frightened way, for explanations.

The girls are sleeping better, which is a blessing, but I am still so tired.

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