Wednesday, November 27, 2013

We survived!

Actually, I think we had a very good time. Twice in the last week we've had ten people sleeping in this (small) house, I have bronchitis, and today we had NINE children here for a while, because Judith came over before Meredith and kids had to leave. It snowed last night, so this morning the children started trying to escape out the back door before breakfast, and I ended up outside in the snow. At eight in the morning. Trying to convince Elizabeth that mittens are a good idea.

It was chaos, but it was fun chaos, and I feel an enormous sense of accomplishment in know we fit everyone in and everyone more or less slept, played, ate, and had fun. Meredith bought pizza for us last night so cleanup was manageable and I didn't have to cook.
A wonderful quiet moment watching Robin Hood

Minutiae: our friend Rowan gave us two bins of sample books yesterday (he's a publishing rep), so a lot of today has been Nat or Thomas or the girls reading or fighting over books. It's been good. Also at dinner Geoff and I got to explain what sacrifice means to Nat. Miriam keeps looking at the crucifix and saying "Jeese?", and trying to make the Sign of the Cross. Clearly she'll be a nun. I expect grandchildren from Elizabeth, who obsessively carries baby dolls around. Thomas got into the bandaids sometime yesterday and covered his face in bandaids. I didn't take him anywhere public.

Geoff to Nat, a couple of days ago: What happens to compost?

Nat, laconically: Worms. (Pause). And sometimes plants.

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