Thursday, December 19, 2013

Blog silence

Sorry, blog, for the quiet. I have a few posts rattling around in my head, one about Nat's clinic on Monday, one about the annoying and exhausting multipicity of parenting choices, and a couple of everyday posts, but Nat has sole control of the comupter for most of the girls' nap and I have been tired and having a hard time ignoring the children and blogging. I've been ignoring the children and re-reading In This House of Brede, instead.

I'm allowing myself to be stressed by Christmas and by the things I have had on my list and not done. The babysitter's mother asked us when we had time to do chores, and since she asked it more and more things have been occurring to me, things I'd like to do but are complicated or just more than bare minimum, and I'm becoming more aware that it's not necessarily my laziness that prevents me from doing extra chores- it's still lack of brain power from lack of sleep, adult illness, and the amount of patience required by constant interruption. That actually seems very monastic- put down your work and go clean the spill, put down your work and go sing Divine Office.

We learned today that there's a Dumbo octopus. It really does fly with its ears.

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