Thursday, December 19, 2013

No more puking

When I went in to get Thomas this morning I found he'd thrown up in the night. After he got up he vomited a couple more times, and then his stomach seemed to settle. He had a long dinner-time nap, woke up, and threw up on Geoff, came upstairs to me, and threw up on me and our bed. He's been washed, dosed with Gravol, and I've double-sheeted his bed. I'm praying that no one else, particularly Nat, gets this. I'm also praying that it's not stomach flu, although that seems a little futile.

God is good, Akira just phoned to ask if I could use some help tomorrow. YES. YES I CAN. In the morning. Thank you. While I put the damn laundry away, and possibly so I can pass out if the night is bad.

It is eight thirty and I will go to bed very soon just in case. More sleep=better happier me.

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