Friday, December 06, 2013

Seven Quick Takes Illness and Potty Training Edtion

1. Not going to Geoff's Dad's tomorrow for the family Christmas celebration. Much sadness, but Geoff has my bronchitis and is up for hours coughing and feeling miserable. We are very very sad to miss it, and need to find a way to get everyone's presents to them. I hate this neverending sickness.

2. Nat wins Weirdest Phrase Ever again. We're watching BBC Planet Earth and there's this strange tentacley clam on it, and Nat has been pondering the clam, and asked yesterday, with great seriousness and intensity,
"HOW would a CLAM control your MIND?" I have no idea. I don't think molluscs are designed for mind control. I hope they're not. Maybe the mimic octopus? Those are weird. Did you know marine biologists record mimic octopi doing stuff and then play "What the heck is the mimic octopus mimicking?". True.

3. The girls are very keen to potty train. I am not. It's December. They won't keep their pants on. While I was writing this Miriam just came over and peed all over a chair. I will leave their pants off, I guess, and follow them around with cleaning solution and rags and hope for the best. I am not up for the game of Put One Twin's Pants On and then Put the Other Twin's Pants On and then Put the First Twin's Pants back on...

On the bright side if they've messed on the floor they come and tell me. They rat each other out. It's pretty funny.

4. Happy St. Nicholas's Day! To celebrate we are going to be sick, watch Planet Earth, and maybe I'll look up St. Nicholas on Wikipedia and read about him to the boys.

5. The girls are spending a huge amount of time climbing the computer desk. Thomas is spending a lot of time illicitly painting things with toothpaste in the bathroom. Nat is drawing and writing and has read a whole book book by himself, which partly makes up for the chocolate granola he dumped in the sink this morning. On our sixth week of illness morale is low, cabin fever is high, and plans for Christmas and Advent continue to drop in ambition.But when at least two people are always sick it's so hard to leave the house! And since people are sick I am up between three and five times a night...

6. Nat wants me to define logic because we were watching the BBC thing about Stephen Hawking, and Roger Penrose used the term. Go ahead. Define logic for a five year old. I dare you.

7. We will all survive and eventually we will stop being sick all the time. Until then we will read and watch movies and stay in Survival Mode.

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