Thursday, December 26, 2013

We had Christmas

And we survived. I didn't get any sleep, poor Marjorie spent the whole night throwing up, and it felt like the whole day was the kids unwrapping presents and eating chocolate. We all survived, and I now know I can make a Christmas dinner (turkey, stuffing, roasted vegetables, gravy) while on less than two hours of sleep. While I was finishing up making dinner Thomas had diarrhea all over the bathroom floor.

The children came downstairs to find that Santa had given them a TARDIS tent, set up in the middle of the floor. They just about died of happiness.

My parents came for dinner. No one threw up on them.

It was an okay Christmas. It was not great, but considering what the previous week was like (stomach flu, hospitalization, ice storm, thirty hours without power but with sick children and adults, near-total sleep deprivation), it went amazingly well, and although we're still limping back towards normalcy, we have an immense feeling of accomplishment. WE MADE IT.


Melanie Bettinelli said...

Oh dear. I'm so very glad you all survived. Here's hoping the 12 days of Christmas bring some much-needed sleep.

lissla lissar said...

Thanks. Unfortunately Elizabeth threw up a couple of times last night, and Thomas had vomiting and diarrhea all over his bed sometime in the early morning. We think there might be another stomach bug happening. I am beginning to feel like we're in some reenactment of the Black Plague, or maybe a Monty Python skit about miserable sick people and hyperactive small children...