Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Will to live

We are on our fourth or fifth night of completely crummy sleep with the girls waking in alternation so the pattern is like newborn sleep disruption, and this morning I have had the epiphany that it's okay, maybe, to act as though I had newborns. Not to hang around in my pajamas all day, but accept that it's okay to have really really low standards for what I can get done. I was woken seven times last night. It is okay that my big plans for the day are Get To The Grocery Store and Lie Around Listening To The Kids Play (or Fight). I am still sick, probably because of lack of sleep.

My night plans include going to bed at nine and wearing earplugs. Nat and Thomas have had so many sleep disruptions recently that I have broken down and been nursing the girls during the night. They love it. If I've already been hauled out of bed four times by midnight my ability to resist a sobbing toddler is nil. Tonight I will ignore them and see if we can break the horrible, horrible trend.

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