Monday, January 06, 2014

Baking bread

Because Nat had a blood sugar problem last night (starting at 1.9 (bad) and skyrocketing to 20.4 (also bad)), Miriam woke repeatedly, and Elizabeth got up at five. I am not very here this morning, but I have watched the new Sherlock and am baking eight loaves of bread, because that makes me feel useful.

Nat was reading a book about chameleons to himself this morning, and when he was done we read the creepy book about the Qalupalik (an Inuit monster that steal children) with all the kids on the couch listening, and then I re-read the chameleon book. We've watched videos about glass melting and how to blow glass, and about how chromataphores work. If we manage to do Nat's reading aloud later I think we'll be golden for schoolwork, even if I am not functional.

Also, the Sherlock episode was about this fun:

Isn't that a horrible smile?

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