Sunday, January 26, 2014

Everyone still sick

Geoff may have the flu now. I spent Thursday night/Friday morning miserably on the floor in our bathroom. I even took in a pillow at about three, since there was no real point walking back to bed, and I was feeling shaky. Nat has been feeling like no eating, please, since he got it on Wednesday, and we've been fighting to keep his blood sugar up and figure out his doses when he only really wants juice and cereal, and I really don't want to eat or cook. There have been a lot of rice crispies and a lot of oven fries or cold sandwiches.

I feel wretched, probably because the children have been dark blue hell a lot of today, Geoff is very ill, and I am not great plus not eating very well. I need to make bread tomorrow so that at least we're eating more complex carbohydrates, and if Trixie will pick up some fruit and vegetables we might not all starve. I'm starting to feel very guilty about the pretzels/juice/pop/goldfish crackers/arrowroot cookies diet, but I'm still recovering, Geoff's sick, Nat won't eat, and all the kids need to be fed something every few hours. I should make a list. We need:

Some other stuff I can make into food. I am too tired to think.

It hasn't been all bad, really- we've been reading The New Way Things Work about lasers and gears and things, and learning about Easter Island and how it was discovered by a Dutch explorer. Plus yesterday Geoff and I got to go to Costco and in the evening go out to a friend's birthday party. I'm just blasted from the continual stomach flus. They're miserable.

It is now eight thirty and I think it is time for bed, dammit. Goodnight.

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