Tuesday, January 07, 2014

It's past Epiphany

So today I should get the kids to help me take the Christmas ornaments down. And I should put away laundry while we huddle in our warm house, protected from the -40C weather outside. I should also SORT AND PURGE THE GIRLS' CLOTHES. Miriam was up on and off all night, so I'm not sure I'm mentally up to it, but surely they don't need roughly ten dresses apiece, fifteen pairs of pants, and some ungodly number of t-shirts. If I can at least reduce the number then it will be less traumatic trying to get them dressed in the morning, and less traumatic when they inevitably dump all their clothes in their cribs.

I am listening to them pulling all of the picture books down, drinking a lot of tea to stay awake, and trying to plan Nat's birthday party. I'm trying to do all of it at once because I have the attention span of a goldfish today, and I keep getting distracted. I should probably fit, "Pay attention to kids" in there somewhere. I feel like I have already- I've praised Thomas's lego robot and listened to Nat read the Kingdom/Phylum/Family chart thingy aloud. I found out he can read "Sponges" and "Molluscs". Maybe we aren't completely sucking at homeschooling, if Thomas can count to eight and Nat to a hundred, and Nat can define cell and explain that he likes Debussy. Well, no. It's probably more that we're just weird than that we are Awesome Home Educators...

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