Thursday, January 30, 2014

Seven Quick Takes- Slightly Warmer Edition

1. Lo, we rejoice, for spring hath come upon us. It is only -1, which is a whole 29 degrees better than the -30 it was most of last week. I should wear shorts tomorrow. This has been a ridiculous winter. It's been below -20 pretty often for weeks, which is not Toronto weather. That's Ottawa! Or maybe Winnipeg! Not us.

2. Nat figured out the computer password yesterday, and had it for about ten minutes of glory before I changed it, whereupon he threw an on and off two hour tantrum full of angry weeping and fierce nostalgia for the time he had the password. Which I shouldn't have changed, because his whole life's goal has been to know our computer password, apparently. I thought it was to become The Doctor and fly away, but I was wrong. His ambitions are much more modest. We had a number of conversations about how Daddy and Mommy help him to avoid the temptation to always be on the computer, and about how even if he doesn't want us to, we are going to take care of him, and about how Daddy and Mommy are not going to allow him unrestricted access to, well, anything, because it is our job to take care of him. He didn't like it much, but he eventually conceded the logic.

3. The girls' birthday is next week.

Actually last summer, but a good picture
As they get close to two, I'm trying to mentally catalog and enjoy the things about them- well, about all the kids- that I love or think are funny or endearing. The things that I know I'm either not going to remember or am going to miss fiercely. The way Thomas sneaks around looking for people to kiss and say, "I yove you a yot. I yike your hair (eyebrows, pants, elbows) too". The way Nat will run and get me a blanket sometimes if I'm on the couch, and announce, "I'm doing this because I like to make people happy.". The way that Miriam and Elizabeth both say "Uppy! Uppy!" when they want to be picked up. Elizabeth's new hoppity happy dance. The way both little girls growl when they pick up toy dinosaurs. The feel of their downy heads and soft little bodies as they snuggle.

The sound of Nat trying to explain how to use Starfall to Thomas. Watching Nat lifting one of the girls down, saying, "No, little baby. Come down. You'll get hurt.". Thomas starting to count using the right numbers, without my direct educational intervention. Listening to the girls talking to each other, and clearly understanding each other. Less enjoyable when I find out they were talking about how to smash cookies into piles, or pour sugar, but it's still really neat to hear.

4. Geoff's been memorizing an e.e. cummings poem, and that reminded me of the love poem of his that I'd forgotten I'd memorized- somewhere i have never traveled- which made me start to remember other memorized but forgotten poems. The Song of the Master and the Boatswain, The Conversation of Prayers, And Death Shall Have No Dominion. Bits and pieces of Emily Dickinson. It makes me want to hit the kids hard with memorization, but that's not how our homeschool works. Nat knows some Shel Silverstein and The Owl and the Pussycat, and he used to know most of Robert Louis Stevenson's My Shadow. I need to read them some psalms regularly, so they start to have the rhythm of them at the back of their heads. Some of my Sunday School teachers required psalm memorization, and I am grateful for it. It probably started me on the road to loving poetry.

5. I have been a cooking maniac this week. Bread, crumble, chicken broth, beans, sausages, cookies, chicken and dumplings. I need to keep going, because i want as much prep done as possible beforehand for the girls' party next week. I should get the ten pound slab of pork out of the freezer to thaw before I go to bed. It is good to feel more enthusiastic about cooking again.


Clothesline during ice storm
No real reason to include this. I just like the picture.

7. Today we went to Judith's, in spite of taking an hour to get all the kids dressed and ready to go out, Thomas's incessant tantrums about his gloves not fitting, Thomas wanting to just be held while standing on busy streets in the freezing wind, Elizabeth losing her boots three times, and my skirt falling down. I only lost my temper twice. I think it is a miracle. We still got there, and had a nice visit, and I didn't kill anyone on the way.  A clear sign of divine intervention.

It is nine, and I should finish this up, get the huge piece of pig out of the freezer, and head off to bed. G'night, everyone.

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