Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Sleep training

We are trying to re-re-re-re-completely night wean the girls, and right now, at almost one in the morning, with at least one of them screaming since nine-thirty and no real end in sight- I am not sure right now that it is worth it. I probably only think so because it's been three and a half hours, and I am probably not going to sleep tonight. I am doing disaster planning in my head, and trying to figure out if there's any way on earth that I can possibly get a nap tomorrow. I will probably bake bread so we have something to eat, and I will not leave the house, because getting all the kids into their winter gear will make me kill them.

I normally go to bed at nine or nine-thirty. Geoff gets up at five. The alarm will go off repeatedly at five, and whether or not I have slept, I will probably hate and want to break it.

I guess I could re-watch the new episode of Sherlock, but even that pales in comparison with my longing for bed. It's particularly bad because I didn't really sleep last night, either. Everything is starting to get floaty and fuzzy.

I should probably go back upstairs and cuddle them, put them back in their cribs, and then lie around listening to them. At least I'll be horizontal.


Willa said...

Hi Lissla,
So glad you are blogging again!

lissla lissar said...

So glad to see you here!

Emily said...

Oh sleep training - something I dread. Good luck!!