Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Still really cold

I'm not going to take the children out anywhere. It's -30, which is more Staying Inside Weather. We're going to read and I'm going to listen to the boys playing superheroes all over the house, and I'm going to cook, partly for today, and partly for the girls' party. The more things I can get done beforehand the happier I will be. More relaxed. Less freaking out.


I found these stewing hens for $1/lb at the the Asian Grocery Store. They're huge. I bought two. I've got one started in the crockpot and I'm hoping we will have a nice chicken/dumpling sort of dinner, and I've got a huge pot of beans started for freezing. I just re-read the Diana Kennedy recipe for basic beans, and I'm doing it plus some cilantro. Okay. I have three children fighting for lap space and I should go read a story to Nat....

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