Monday, February 10, 2014


On our way to the homeschool drop in today I told Nat that snowflakes are crystals. He got very excited, and that was when I realized I have only a foggy grasp of what a crystal actually is. So here I am looking up crystals and crystalline forms so we can draw them tomorrow.

Also, Sea Pigs are related to sea cucumbers and also to starfish, which are radially symmetrical rather than bilaterally symmetrical.

Aren't they cuddly?

 And some of the homeschooled kids were chasing each other with foam swords. It was so perfectly:


Willa said...

Haha, I love radial symmetry and I will try to remember -- Melee Weapon Fighting and Small Weapons Tactics really do belong in the subject columns of my homeschool planner!

lissla lissar said...

They're a constant in our house- the boys never stop attacking each other. It was really funny to go out to meet other homeschool families and find a bunch of the kids were packing foam swords.