Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Mostly done

I have most of the tortillas done for the party, and I made the fillings- pulled pork, ground meat and beans, and vegetarian black beans. I still need to make salsa and the toppings, plus bake the cakes. I'll do one chocolate layer cake, and I'm waffling between a vanilla pound cake, and something else. Icebox cake? Trifle? A lemon raspberry gingersnap icebox cake for Miriam?

Taco toppings, must remember: sour cream, chopped tomato, lettuce, grated cheese, jalapenos, salsa. I would love to do homemade fries as well but some thin shred of sanity says don't make fries for thirty odd people, and I will refrain. We'll get lots of tortilla chips. Oh, lord. If I completely lose it I could make tortilla chips. I have corn tortillas in the freezer. Someone slap me upside the head. We can buy the chips. I am not Martha freaking Stewart, who has loads and loads of helpers. Everyone can have nice chips and pico de gallo or something.

It's been snowing all day, and I've shoveled twice. I took the kids out and pulled them around on the toboggan. Elizabeth really likes the snow, and Miriam likes it as long as Mommy is holding her and she can regard it from a safe distance. It was fun, because the girls could n't bolt off. The unshoveled snow was up past their knees, and it slows them down. I'd love to go back out and burrow around with Nat after Geoff gets home. That's assuming I can talk Nat into leaving the warmth of the house, and putting on pants.

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