Tuesday, February 18, 2014

No sleep snow day

Well,, not much sleep, but a lovely visit with Colleen and Jeff last night, and a game of Monopoly which I won. This is surprising. It was fun. Also surprising. I am not a board games person. And now, today, with Mim up a lot last night, and me and the girls developing colds, ten more centimetres of snow outside, and a chance to go out and play for a bit to burn off some energy, because we are clearly not going anywhere today.

Do you know how hard it is to figure out "If there are 27 g in 50g of cake, then how many are there in 69g?" while you are sick and haven't slept and there are three children all shouting at you? It's hard. This is probably improving both my math and I hope my patience. Although while I was writing that last sentence I freaked out at Thomas and shouted because he was gradually walking his sonic screwdriver up my arm. I hate that, being repeatedly poked or tickled in an insect-creeping-up-way. Sigh. I need to shower, and I need fifty hours of sleep.

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