Friday, February 14, 2014

Why won't he wear pants?

1. Another morning, another Thomas emotional breakdown because I am cruelly demanding that he wear something on his bottom half. I am so mean. It is only -4 outside, and we're going out to buy groceries. Pants are clearly unnecessary.

2. I've been -rereading Tigana and some of Marilynne Robinson's essays from When I was a Child I Read Books, plus reading some of the essays generated by the Nye/Ham debate. The inside of my head is a crazy mishmash of Renaissance pseudo-Italian and trying to think of carb-free snacks that Nathaniel will eat, plus thinking about the things Robinson says about how we impoverish humanity by assuming evolutionary or economic reasons for every human behaviour.

"At a certain point I decided that everything I took from studying and reading anthropology, psychology, economics, cultural history, and so on did not square at all with my sense of things, and that the tendency of much was to posit or assume a human simplicity within a simple reality and to marginalize the sense of the sacred, the beautiful, anything in any way lofty. I do not mean to suggest, and I underline this, that there was any sort of plot against religion, since religion in many instances abetted these tendencies and does still, not least by retreating from the cultivation and celebration of learning and of beauty, by dumbing down, as if people were less than God made them and in need of nothing so much as condescension. Who among us wishes the songs we sing, the sermons we hear, were just a little dumber? People today- television- video games- diminished things. This is always the pretext."

3. While I was typing that out there were two small boys hitting me and each other with foam swords.

4. Today is Geoff's birthday. We will have salmon and rice and ice cream sundaes if I can get us out to the store after nap, which will be a little like dying. I will have to wake the girls early. Pray for us.

Okay. It's not seven quick takes, but that's all I got today.

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