Thursday, March 20, 2014

Elizabeth can hop

So everything is either making her hoppin' happy or hopping mad. It's her current favourite dance. Miriam watches her, bemused, and commenting quietly. Elizabeth is working on growing hair and hopping, and Miriam can talk in sentences and practices looking skeptical about her family.

The girls can open the bathroom door, which means I've found them running hot water while stuffing the sink full of toilet paper. They can also open the cupboard under the kitchen sink, which means today's project is moving all the cleaning chemicals.

They're weaned, finally, which is great. They're getting up at five, which is less great. It's almost seven, and I'm trying to decide if I should make bread or focaccia  for lunch, or if I'll run out of energy and enthusiasm before then. Judith's coming over with the kids, and I need to feed them something. Always preferably something low-mess. I could make some bread dough and stash it in the fridge, and then roll and bake it later. Post-grocery-store-ing.

Nat is fully committed to repeating the lemon juice+milk=ricotta experiment until we totally run out of milk. I need to teach him to make a large quantity and make him eat it instead of playing with it.

I read Kendra's post about eating more vegetables and I'm pondering whether something like that would help break me out of my meal rut. I am solidly committed to cooking whatever I like (and to a lesser degree, what Geoff likes- hey, he doesn't do the cooking), but that leads to the wasteland of what do I feel like eating? I like the idea of more salads, especially cold noodle ones, and a return to the enchiladas that my children have started to reject, and a lot more beans. I fall down heavily at fresh vegetable prep, and the times I have brought home veg and immediately prepped it have been the times we have eaten more vegetables and less pasta/cheese/bread. Not that there's anything wrong with pasta/cheese/bread, it's just that it gets expensive and monotonous. We go through A LOT of cheese. So, what would I make if I went vegetable shopping once a week and prepped immediately?

I need to be more like Tamar Adler, clearly. And I need my children to be less like small people who put their faces down on their arms and cry when they see the soup I made for dinner (happened yesterday. Miriam this time)....

ETA: Hello! Comments would be fine! I know you're reading this!


Melanie Bettinelli said...

Wow. It's interesting to see how the twins are working on different things.

Bella cooked her own fried egg this morning with a little supervision from me. If she can repeat it, then maybe I can get her too cook eggs for herself and Sophie and free me from that chore! She's tall enough to stand at the stove and cook without needing a step stool! I figure that means she's definitely old enough to learn how to cook on it.

I've been having similar thoughts about vegetables. I bought Brussels sprouts two weeks ago and still haven't cooked them. I bough cauliflower last week which I haven't cooked. It's easier to get excited about vegetables in the summer when we're going to the farmer's market.

But about Tamar Adler. I note that she's not lugging five kids along with her to the market. By the time I get home, I'm exhausted and in no mood to jump directly into vegetable prep. I'm usually doing good to just get the food put away.

Unfortunately our favorite salad items tend to be ones that don't keep especially well when sliced: avocados, tomatoes, cucumbers. I find they grow slimy in containers in the refrigerator.

(I started this comment at lunchtime. Am getting it done right before dinner.)

lissla lissar said...

Hah. Melanie, that's how I comment, too, unless I'm deliberately ignoring the kids.

We really don't eat enough vegetables. I'm trying to balance not being worried about it with occasionally eating something that isn't meat or starch.