Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I really want poutine right now.

Really, really want it. I just put the kids to bed by myself and I'm nightweaning the girls (put them down without nursing, even) and right now I want fries with cheese and gravy, dammit. Right now. I'm starving. I don't really remember dinner. I think the kids had chicken nuggets and a couple of them had some of the chicken and sweet potato soup.

Want fries now.


Anonymous said...

Please do not post photos of poutine. Instant craving. Thanks, Alicia

lissla lissar said...

So sorry. :)

lissla lissar said...

I still want poutine really, really badly. Almost enough to make it from scratch for dinner. Almost. But it's a pain in the butt to make, and I'm the only one who really likes it. Fries and gravy from scratch.

When is lunch?