Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Lent discoveries

I have discovered that if I give up using the internet when the girls are awake, and the boys hog the computer all naptime, I have amazing amounts of time to devote to children and housework, but i still don't want to, and find myself re-reading stupid books to get a break from constantly paying attention to small people who WANT THINGS ALL THE TIME. I am good for lots of housework at paying-attention-to-children from about six to twelve, and then I start to get cranky without a lot of distractions.

It probably would have helped if I'd left the house and given them something besides destroying the house to do, but it was cold and snowy (again), and we didn't. Tomorrow the cleaning lady is coming in the morning, so I will drag the children out to the grocery store, and maybe swing by the Our Lady of Fatima shrine to lengthen the walk.

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