Friday, March 14, 2014

Seven Quick Takes: Thomas's Party Edition

1. We're having a quite small party for Thomas, after the two monster parties for Nat and the girls. His cousins, grandparents, a couple of friends. This is happening tomorrow, which means I should actually bake the cake and figure out things like what we're feeding everyone and what the houseguests (Hi, Marjorie!) will get for dinner tomorrow. Akira the marvelous babysitter is coming over today, and we'll do the cake baking and buy a few decorations. He's only four, there's no point in overdoing, but he'll be very happy so see balloons and streamers.

2. Yesterday I told Nat we could make maple syrup candy on the snow.
Image from TheKitchn
 We didn't, so today I will read them the section from Little House in the Big Woods and see if I can find some clean snow to make candy on. I promised that even if we can't find clean snow I will put a pan in the freezer and we can use it.

3. I think Thomas's favourite things in the world right now are K'Nex, Lego, Doctor Who, marshmallows, and hot dogs. I told Akira we might take the kids to the museum this morning, but I think it might be better to take the girls separately their first time. Maybe. And we can spend the day getting ready for the party. I'm very split about how much fun everyone would have versus the difficulty in keeping track of Thomas the Disappearing Act plus twin two-year-old girls who can't even tell anyone their names if they get lost. There. I've talked myself out of it.

4. I am so dejected about meal planning in general that I think i should plan a Special Two Week Menu of things I Like, and pretty much ignore everyone else's tastes. The children are just going to whine anyway. I'll make sure there's lots of rice or bread or something and then ignore them. They're incredibly lucky that I want to have crepes with strawberries or raspberries and whipped cream tonight, little ingrates.

 5. I'm about two-thirds through The Seven Habits of Highly Productive People, which Geoff just read, and which is turning out to be surprisingly about virtue and self-discipline and vulnerability. It's very good, although the language is slightly off-putting for me. I don't like corporate much. Basically so far- you can't get anywhere unless you know what's fundamentally important to your life, stop treating people like things, and are willing to realize you have the option of self-discipline instead of unthinking reaction.

There's this secondary conversation/argument I'm kind of having in my head as I read it, about the necessity for grace, but I guess it's sort of like the building blocks for character. The primary virtues, which I can't remember right now, because I haven't had enough caffeine. Prudence, that's one.


Or actually books. Books are good, too.

7. I just saw this. Very cute. The Doctor and Sherlock introducing Stephen Moffat at the BAFTAs:

Okay. I have had forty minutes of total peace and tea, and the girls pretty much slept through the night. It's time to get the kids up and figure out what happens today besides cake-baking...

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