Thursday, March 06, 2014

Skip counting

This morning the cleaning lady (blessed, marvelous cleaning lady) came, and chatted, and cleaned everything. While she was here Nat remembered the glass harp videos we watched a couple of weeks ago, so we got down some wine glasses and everyone had a go at making music while we talked about how sound is vibrations in the air.

On the way out to the grocery store (giving blessed cleaning lady time to do the downstairs) I introduced Nat and Thomas to skip counting, and we did counting by twos to twenty, and counting by fives to one hundred. Nat was really impressed, and I'll try to do skip counting with different numbers every few walks. Maybe we can do more of it if it ever, ever warms up. Grump.

Nat and I made it out to part of the Ash Wednesday Mass last night, but left at the beginning of the homily because Nat thought his incipient ear infection might be getting worse. On the walk there we found Orion and the Big Dipper in the sky. It was a big thrill. We aren't out late enough for stars very often.

Geoff is probably at the dojo tonight, so I should plan a simple dinner and finish the chapter of The Magician's Nephew  at bed time.  Now to do some tidying and think about dinner.

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