Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Day in the Life Part #2

12:30- Finish getting all the dishes in the kitchen and try to get the table wiped before the boys get the Lego down again. Fail. Try to wipe the section they're using. Find Miriam on the floor covered in peanut butter, eating someone's discarded sandwich.

12:45- Hear Nat climbing up the wall in the kitchen to get at the cookies. Go in and ask how many he's eaten. Give him insulin to compensate. Tell him to Come And Tell Me!!! if he needs more food instead of climbing. Point out again that his body can't use food unless he also has insulin.

12:48- Sit with Nat on the floor as he complains, quite reasonably, that he hates diabetes. Have to pull Thomas off Nat when Thomas comes in and starts snuggling both of us.

12:50- Find out Elizabeth also has a sandwich and was pouring juice and milk back and forth into two cups I thought I'd cleaned up.

1:00- Unlock the computer for Thomas's computer time. Argue with Nat about how yes, Thomas does get computer time. Nat and Thomas settle down together. I guess Nat is his computer consultant or something.

1:05- Break up fight between Nat and Thomas about Nat interfering with Thomas's computer time. I guess the computer consultant is a little pushy.

1:06- Girls are drawing. Everything is calm until Mim steals Lilibet's pencil crayon. Hysterics. Mim is unrepentant and I worry about their moral formation.

1:10- I hide in the pantry and eat chocolate while Nat tries to teach Thomas to play Minecraft. Thomas prefers watching Magic School Bus on TVO.kids. Naptime in fifty minutes.

1:15- Think about folding laundry while the girls are awake. Start folding laundry on the table while talking to Nat about whether there could be a planet where things fall up, and how that would work with gravity. We decide it would need to be a very small planet and it would be inconvenient.

2:00- Get the girls in their room for nap time. Come downstairs and listen to them rearranging the furniture. Pretend they're sleeping. Ask Nat if he wants to read The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. He'll do it later. right now is Minecraft time. Arbitrate the boy switchover, get Thomas settled with the Lego and drawing things, tell him I'll put Veggie Tales or a movie on for him later if he wants.

3:00- Realise I've spent an hour spacing out instead of doing something. I vaguely remember checking Facebook and unloading the dishwasher or something. I think i should plan dinner. Look in the fridge and realize that we have eggs, and I could thaw something but I'm not sure about vegetables. So I will thaw some tortillas and we'll have egg burritos for dinner. Assume that the girls have gone to sleep, although I guess they could have made a rope ladder out of their sheets and climbed out the window.

3:02- Do I also have to make a vegetable? Agonize about how we don't eat enough vegetables. Realize that this is ridiculous and I should snap out of it.The kids had bananas and strawberry smoothie today and everyone ate a lot of broccoli last night. No one's dying of scurvy.

3:04- Break up another fight between Nat and Thomas, put on Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs for Thomas, ask Nat if he wants snack. Nat says no, he's busy. Wonder if I should pull out Nat's read-aloud things, think about how he read a board book this morning, decide I should fold laundry instead.

3:10- I hate laundry. I think we should be nudists. As soon as it warms up. The girls and Thomas are already practically nudists.

3:30- Finish folding two loads, ask Nat about snack again, he says no. Snuggle on the couch with Thomas. He tells me I smell like ice cream, and he loves me, and he's Batman. Agree with him.

4:00- Tell Nat it's last call for snack. He says no. Go and wake the girls. Miriam is cheerful but Elizabeth is despondent and tells me off a lot. Get Miriam some Goldfish crackers while lugging Elizabeth around.

4:10- Nat wants snack. Tell him to go upstairs and wash his hands. He does, reluctantly. Get him downstairs, he checks his blood sugar, I scream when I find out he's over 20.0, calculate dose. Give everyone bowls of Goldfish and glasses of milk. Inject Nat while telling the girls they are not getting juice.

4:11- clean up Elizabeth's Goldfish when she dumps them on the floor.

4:12- Clean up Miriam's disgusting mixture of Goldfish and milk. Ignore her pathetic cries of, "My soup! My soup!" because I am an unloving mother who squashes creativity.

4:20- Tell everyone to go play Lego or read a book while I clean up the general post-snack mess. Be briefly grateful I have trained both Nat and Thomas to take their dishes to the kitchen when they're done.

4:45- Geoff gets home, among delighted screams of "Daddy! Daddy!". Deliberately don't tell him everything about my day, including the number of messes I had to clean up. Go and put the kettle on, because we are a people who run on tea. Think about ordering pizza and realize I already decided on egg burritos and something for a side dish. Decide the side dish is tortilla chips and if we have any baby carrots, that is a bonus extra happy thing.

Okay, I'm going to end this here, with Geoff's getting home, because this has taken me a blasted week to write. So, that's it. A normal afternoon.


Melanie Bettinelli said...

Today I skipped afternoon story time and hid in my room reading a book on my Kindle. When Lucy refused to nap, I just gave up. What was really frustrating was that I had her almost asleep and then Bella came in to tell me a neighbor's house had a huge column of black smoke coming from it and should I look and maybe do something and I admire her instincts, but the smoke was all coming out of the chimney. And then Lucy wouldn't go back to sleep. I think I got Ben's stomach bug and I've just been apathetic all day, though I did make banana bread. Anyway, when I got up I found Ben had dumped water, dried currants, popcorn, peanuts, and applesauce into a bowl and mixed it all up. Because it was funny. Ugh. I served leftovers for dinner and didn't eat anything myself. I hid in my room until bedtime and then after all the kids were in bed I had some yogurt, a banana, and toast.

lissla lissar said...

I want that book! But new books won't be in the budget for at least a month.

Also, yuck and I'm sorry. I hate stomach bugs, especially when I've got them. It's so hard when it's the mom who's sick, because it basically means the whole family grinds to a halt. With small children and SAHMs, at least. Praying for a quick recovery, Melanie.