Thursday, April 17, 2014

I have achieved yogurt!

I haven't made yogurt in years.
That's butterfat on top. I used mostly half and half with about a cup of added whipping cream, and a cup of powdered milk. It made really creamy and thick yogurt. Not very tart. I've got about eight or ten cups of it in the fridge, chilling. I mixed half a cup of sugar and a lot of vanilla extract in, and I'll try the kids on the (probably) 15% yogurt when everyone gets up. This might be a bit of a hassle, making it, but it's $1.99 per litre of half and half, versus $10 for an equivalent amount of high fat yogurt from the store. My children can eat that much in one sitting.

Next time I'm making more.


Melanie Bettinelli said...

Cool! That ought to fatten them up. I'm going to try the crockpot method next time.

lissla lissar said...

I boiled the milk in a pot and then let it cool and transferred, but i think next time I'll boil it in the crockpot. I am lazy and I was just nervous about the milk not cooling in time, but I think if I boil it in the afternoon it'll be cool enough to stir in the yogurt by bed time. I made about eight cups. Next time I'm doing more, and maybe straining it for Greek yogurt.

Huge success. It's really yummy and creamy. I'm wondering if I can sub it for sour cream in things if I don't sweeten it- I don't usually, because yogurt's usually more tart than sour cream, but this isn't.