Sunday, May 18, 2014

Details of a Victorian bodice

Centre back, Victorian bodice
It came up in a Facebook conversation yesterday (about Laura Ingalls Wilder) that I owned a late Victorian, maybe 1880-90s bodice, from about Laura's time. And I went looking today and found that I still had it. I am surprised. Anyway, I was being given the opportunity to sound off about costume history, which I love to do, but usually try not to because of the way people fall asleep or edge away, and some people seemed interested in actual photos. So here we are.

Bodice, total
It's beige wool with black braid and a stand-up, sort of separate collar. Very tight-fitting, two piece sleeves. Partly machine sewn, partly by hand. Lace on the exterior non-stand-up part of the collar.

Interior right hand side. Boning but not on seams
There's a sweat absorbing pad sewn loosely into the armpit to preserve the fabric. The lining is probably cotton and the false front and collar are probably silk, but I haven't done a burn test.

Collar detail

Interior fastening is hook and eye, and set in the lining

Centre interior back. Not sure what the boning is made out of


Literacy-chic said...

Wonderful! Thank you for posting the pictures and describing it in such detail!!

lissla lissar said...

You're welcome! I really want to examine it in even more detail before it crumbles. I'd forgotten I had it- it's literally in a plastic bag at the top of the boys' closet. I'll do a post on the Twenties dress soon.