Friday, May 02, 2014

Not how I pictured today

Geoff sent me a message this morning via Facebook, telling me that he'd rescued two baby rodents this morning at work. He spent the day trying to keep them alive. One made it home.
That's Geoff, feeding an infant probably-rat watered down Pediasure with a syringe minus the pointy metal bit. Chocolate Pediasure, because this rat is living it p. Geoff went to help a friend with some martial arts related things, so I had dinner and bed time alone but for four children and an infant rat.

It's really small. I have fed it twice since Geoff left, and I think it ate something? Hard to tell. It's so small. It's getting livelier, and it's certainly a reeeeeeeaaaally interesting Animal Life project for the kids, but I'm pretty sure it's not making it through the night because I am NOT getting up every hour all night to feed it. We've already primed the kids with the possibility of their beautiful baby rodent dying without its mother, so they're kind of ready.

If it does live I am not sure what we'll do. I'm not keeping it. Release it into a ravine? 

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