Thursday, May 22, 2014

sadness of children

We had Greek salad and roast asparagus for dinner last night. And potatoes roasted with thyme and rosemary. There was great sadness from our children and great, near-starvation levels of hunger and despair after, when more and better food was not forthcoming.

Geoff bought Nathaniel a ukulele last night. Now we have to convince him learning to play an instrument takes practice and self-discipline, or at least the ability to follow instructions.

I read The Other Wind a couple of days ago. I read all of the Earthsea books when I was a teenager, but the last hadn't been published. Geoff got it for me years ago, and I never read it. I went into random avoidance mode, and just ignored it. So, it was okay, but confusing, and I'm not sure exactly what happened at the end except maybe she overturned all the rules in her universe, and it was didactic? I still love Ged and Tenar and Therru so it was worth the half-day reading just to spend time with them. Today I promised Geoff I'd start Tad Williams' latest, The Dirty Streets of Heaven, so I can talk to him about it.

My children are in the yard getting muddy as I write this. Nat found a snail shell. I hope to find my brain sometime before the day is over.

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