Friday, May 09, 2014

So sick

I've spent the last twenty-four hours with a wretched sore throat, and yesterday through about three a.m. with a low-grade fever of total horribleness. I was having flashbacks to having fevers as a kid, and the vertigo and body pains were really difficult, especially since the phone still isn't fixed so Geoff had to spend all of the time after he got home working on it while I minded the children, fed them dinner(peanut butter sandwiches), and put them to bed. I was simultaneously feeling really sorry for myself and trying to offer up the suffering for the Nigerian girls who were kidnapped.

Today I am still prickly and miserable-feeling but not feverish, and I asked Geoff to stay home from work, and although I felt guilty about it, I'm really glad he did, because I am still not functional.

This week has been pretty much a wash. I hope the next few days improve.

Now to do the laundry I've been ignoring for three mortal days. Pray for me.

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