Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thin toddlers

The girls have gotten wise to the sour cream/spoons of butter/pediasure in the morning routine and have started clamoring for dry crackers, carrot sticks, and lettuce. This is a problem. How do you get underweight toddlers to EAT without losing your blinking sanity? This is something I have never had to worry about before- I always assumed children wouldn't starve to death- but since Miriam is still really bony I find myself worrying about every cracker she refuses to let me butter, and every bite of ungreased vegetable she puts in her mouth. I guess we could switch to the all ice cream diet, but then they'd probably get scurvy.

Blast it.


Anne Kennedy said...

I still do that, pour cream in everything, butter in every sauce, sugar in everything, fat fat fat. But no one complained. That, I have never experienced. I wish I could go on an all ice cream diet. Sob.

lissla lissar said...

Sadly, this has never happened to me, either. We had vicious unrelenting stomach flu FOUR TIMES from October to Spring, and our tiny preemie twins just didn't grow. I realized after we'd been to see the pediatrician in March that they were the size at two that our oldest was at TEN MONTHS, and that they technically have Failure to Thrive. So everything has been extra oil, cream, butter, condensed milk. We're normally a kind of whipping-cream-on-oatmeal family, but I was told that with them, and especially Miriam, the smaller one, I need to make every single bite count.

I sometimes feel like collapsing under the mealtime stress. Make Miriam Eat! Count Nathaniel's Carbs! Stop Thomas from eating exclusively barbeque sauce for every meal! Okay, I don't actually care if he does that.

so many things to love... said...

Can you sneak fat into their drinks? Half whipping cream half milk? With chocolate syrup? Lots of ice cream based smoothies?

lissla lissar said...

They have unfortunately gotten wise to that, too. They start screaming if they see the cream container instead of the milk jug. It's so irritating. I'm putting Pediasure and cream in smoothies and I'm wondering about blending coconut oil into mostly fruit drinks.

Whipping cream based popsicles? What happens if you freeze whipping cream?