Thursday, May 08, 2014

Yesterday was a bust

The phone has been wonky for a few days now. We have magic jack, which runs through our internet. So yesterday morning, I decided to call tech support. I spent the entire morning trying to fix the *^&*%$^&ing phone, getting more and more tense as I broke up fights behind me, and uninstalled and reinstalled things on the computer, and emptied potties. By lunch I was an emotional wreck and quit.

The rest of the day I spent on Facebook having a nice chat while I ignored my children, especially the girls, who decided not to nap. I provided computer games and goldfish crackers, and broke up fights, but aside from that I was engrossed in my phone.

When Geoff got home he established that I hadn't been able to fix the phone, so he spent three and a half hours on the computer, getting extremely, extremely frustrated with the tech support, while I threw together dinner and provided a tiny bit of parental supervision. I got the kids to bed. He got the phone fixed by nine.

So maybe today we'll be able to do something not phone related? Please?

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