Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Illness, Star Trek, Lego

The girls were able to eat and walk around by noon, which was a blessedly brief spell of whatever-it-is, so I got to go out and buy a bathing suit (yay, in glum tones) and a backpack for Nat, while Geoff stayed with the kids. He was home because he was feeling sick, and I think most of what we accomplished yesterday was getting the children thoroughly acquainted with the crew of the Enterprise.

Nat spent a lot of the day drawing and doing Lego, because that's his thing. He's dedicated a whole drawer in his new dresser to his ever-more-elaborate creations, and I am beginning to feel like maybe I should sign him up for a Junior Engineers course or something.

After all the children except Nat were in bed Geoff watched yet more Star Trek (it was an astonishingly low energy high tv day) and I immersed myself in Facebook and Nat drew, and then somehow we ended up on the couch with my old copy of Wild Plants and Flowers of Ontario, flipping through and me telling Nat about any that I knew. We decided that in fall we're going to pick sumac and make sumac-ade, and we should look for garden plants that have square stems because they're from the mint family, and next year we should plant milkweed and see if we can get monarch caterpillars.

Thomas's bedtime wish involved baking a cake and cookies and making marshmallow and baloney sandwiches. I don't get it. He has never eaten baloney. I doubt he knows what it is.

It's a rainy day today, and it's also farmer's market, so I have to decide if we're going anywhere (in the rain, with stroller). How strong is our desire for strawberries and asparagus? Can we stand another whole day at home without killing anyone?


Melanie Bettinelli said...

Sumac-ade? I had no idea.

Bella was thrilled this morning because somehow from the window of a moving car she was able to identify a flower as belonging to the pea family. My little budding botanist.

Every year I think I'll plant milkweed and never get around to actually doing it.

I think I need to find a midweek farmer's market so I can free up some SAturdays to do other things. Though for the next two weeks Dom's only working M-W-F and so Tues and Thurs are going to be outing days.

lissla lissar said...

I think we have a milkweed growing in our garden. I'm going to leave it and look for caterpillars hater. Worst case scenario is we get our own plant full of seed pods in fall.

I got heavily into wild edible plants and herbalism when I was about ten or twelve. I don't remember the catalyst, but some of it stuck, and it's been fun revisiting it with Nat and Thomas. Nat particularly wants to know what everything is FOR, so I can say, "That you can eat, that has a square stem, and hey, that's yarrow, which is supposed to be one of the ingredients Achilles' mom dipped him in!" It's Achilles Millefolium or something similar.

There's a farmer's market on Saturdays I want to go to, but I have to acknowledge it will eat the whole day to go.